Monday, 9 March 2015

Benefits derived from singing Tēvāram-s

Singing of specific Tēvāra Pathikam-s is believed to bestow specific benefits. These benefits are varied and range from a cure for an illness to economic prosperity. Here is a list of Tevaram-s and the benefits associated with them.

1. Tevaram : Tunivalar Tinagal
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: Cure for any Bone disease.

2. Tevaram : Idarinum Talarinum
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: Economic Prosperity

3. Tevaram : Sadayaai Ennnum Maal
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: For success in marriage.

4. Tevaram : Vaasi Teerave
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: Success in Law suits.

5. Tevaram : Maraiyudayaai Toludaiyaai
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: Success in Law suits

6. Tevaram : Avvinai kivvinai
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: Cure from Blackmagic.
Tiruneelakanta Pathikam

7. Tevaram : Kutraayinavaaru
Composer: Appar
Benefit: Cure from stomach or any incurable dieseases

8. Tevaram : Mannil nalla vannam vaazhalaam
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: To be sung during auspicious occassions such as Weddings & wedding anniversaries.

9. Tevaram : Kankaatunudalaanum
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: To be blessed with progeny.

10. Tevaram : Nanrudaiyaanai
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: During delivery/childbirth.

11. Tevaram : Mattuvaar kuzhalaalodu
Composer: Appar
Benefit: During delivery/childbirth.

12. Tevaram : Maasil veenaiyum
Composer: Appar
Benefit: Cure from heat related diseases.

13. Tevaram : Sottrunai vediyan
Composer: Appar
Benefit: Self-confidence

14. Tevaram : Vettraagi vinnaagi
Composer: Appar
Benefit: For everyday worship

15. Tevaram : Tunjalum
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: For everyday worship.
Panchaakara Tirupathigam

16. Tevaram : Veyuru Tolipangan
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: To offset the malefic effects of the planets.
Kolaaru Tirupathigam

17. Tevaram : Bogamaartha
Composer: Tirugnanasambandar
Benefit: To offset the malefic effects of the planet Saturn.

18. Tevaram : Annam paalikkum
Composer: Appar
Benefit: To get food daily.

19. Tevaram : Kandukollariyaanai
Composer: Appar
Benefit: Freedom from fear of death.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Article in the New Indian Express

Do Instrumentalists get their due in Kutcheris ? My views on this topic in the New Indian Express dated 30th December, 2014.

Monday, 20 June 2011


Summer School @ SOAS for South Indian Vocal & Violin from 20th - 3oth June 2011. For more details click here.

Friday, 7 May 2010


I was invited as a Chief – Guest to inaugurate the Cultural Festival of Ragas Dental College on 29.4.2010. I enjoyed every minute of this festival and was awed by the immaculate organizational capabilities of the students besides their exceptional talent in the arts. It is heartening to see them devote time to pursue arts besides their academics.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I presented a Trans - Global Fusion Concert in Bangalore for the Vamshi Arts Centre at the Bhoomika Theatre, Bangalore on 24.4. 2010. This concert featured compositions that showcased the various world music genres. My accompanists for this concert were

Mr. Cressy David – Keyboard
Mr. Anantaram – Flute
Mr. Bangalore Ramnath – Mridangam
Mr. Ramesh – Ghatam
Mr. Maynard Grant - Drums

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Śri Kāñci Kāmakōṭi Karnāṭaka Saṅgīta Sēvā Trust has been organising the Saṇgīta Mūmūrtigaḷ Jayanti Isai Vizha for the past 26 years. I felt honoured to perform in this festival on April 18th 2010 not only because it was organised by the KKKSS Trust but also because this festival was conducted in the very house in which Śri Syāmā Śāstri was born. Besides my concert, my visit to Tiruvārūr was a musical pilgrimage, since I had the good fortune of having a darśan of the houses of the Trinity – Saint Tyāgarāja, Śri Muṭṭusvāmi Dīkśitar and Śri Śyāmā Śāstri.

House of Saint Tyāgarāja

House of Śri Muṭṭusvāmi Dīkśitar

House of Śri Śyāmā Śāstri

Śri Śyāmā Śāstri's handwriting

My accompanists for the concert were
Śri. Krishnamachari - Mridaṅgam
Śri. Ravikrishnan – Ghaṭam
Śri. Vadapathimangalam M. Venkataramani - Ganjīra


Mūlādhāramūrti – Hamsadhvani – Ādi – Pāpanāsam Śivan
Kañcadaḷāyadākśi – Kamalāmanōhari – Ādi – Muṭṭusvāmi Dīkśitar
Īntakannānandamēmi – Bilahari – Rūpakam – Tyāgarāja Svāmi
Māyamma – Āhiri – Ādi – Śyāmā Śāstri
Ninnuvina – Navarasakannada – Rūpakam – Tyāgarāja Svāmi
Śri Kāntimatim – Dēśi Simhāravam – Ādi – Muṭṭusvāmi Dīkśitar
Annapūrnē – Śāma – Ādi – Muṭṭusvāmi Dīkśitar
Kurai Ondrum Illai – Ragamālika – Ādi – C. Rājagōpālachari
Madhubanu – Madhuvanti – Eka – Sūrdās